Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We build all websites ready with search optimization that prepares your business to be found on Google! NetizenWorks offers SEO services in Metro Manila, the Philippines, and Worldwide.

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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) – is the practice of improving your website’s visibility in major search engines' organic listings (e.g. Google) for a set of keywords. By improving this rank, you attract more visitors which eventually leads to more inquiries, clients, and sales!

Most popular Search Engines:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Baidu
  • Yahoo! Search
  • Youtube
  • Facebook

All of our Web Design Packages are SEO-Ready

  • SEO Submission

    When ready your website will be set up with Google Search Console & Webmaster Tools and with other search engines. After submission, your website will start ranking in Google in approximately a week.

  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics will be integrated with your website so you can easily see how many visitors you have. This helps us learn on how to increase web traffic.


Here's what your website will get when you build your website with NetizenWorks

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  • SEO Title & Meta Description

  • SEO-Friendly URLs

  • Social Sharing Buttons

  • Page Analysis

  • Built on WordPress

  • Google Map

  • SSL Secured Website

  • Website/Page Speed

  • Image Size

SEO Title and Meta Description

Each of your website pages' title and url will be arranged to be highly enhanced for search engines.

It's usually automated but you'll have the option to alter these when needed, including but not limited to the page's short description. These are one of the factors that search engines like google use to rank your website.

SEO Friendly URLs

The "URL", aka "slug" or "web address" is the actual address of your page. We ensure your website's URLs are unique and search engine friendly.

For instance, let's say you have a page called "Condo in Manila" thus, the URL for this page should be similar to Wrong kinds of URLs would look like

Social Sharing Buttons

Social media like Facebook and Instagram are places with many people and you'd want to have your content be easily shared with these people as posts. Your website will have good-looking share buttons.

Doing so helps your website's traffic increase, this Google will factor this to further increase your ranking in search engine results.

Page Analysis

All webpages have a tool to help analyze what can be improved in terms of searchability and optimization. It helps with instructions on what needs to be changed. This makes it much an easier job to optimize your website and maximizes the chance of your website ranking high in the search results for that page.

Built on WordPress

WordPress is the most popular software on earth to build websites with. It's designed with search engine optimization in mind and has a large number of features to expand to that helps further contribute to your website's performance.

Google Map

If you have a business address then your website will have a free embedded Google Map added to the website's contact page. Not only does this help with SEO but it also helps your clients find the exact location of your business.

SSL Secured Website

We secure your website with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate. This adds a security layer that encrypts your website's connection to your visitors. This is a requirement that other web developers sometimes fail to implement. It contributes largely to the SEO of a website as it puts a padlock next to your web address and removes the "NOT SECURE" tag that other unsecure websites have.

Website/Page Speed

A website's performance (in terms of each page's loading speed) is one of the factors used by Google's algorithm to rank pages. At NetizenWorks, your website's speed is taken seriously at all times. In comparison to other web hosts, your website will have more space with us in terms of bandwidth to achieve fast loading for your visitors.

Image Size

The size of an image is a very important factor for SEO but it's usually missed. An unnecessarily large-sized image in terms of pixel size and file size slows down a web page's loading time. Every image you upload to your site built with NetizenWorks will be automatically resized and optimized.

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