About NetizenWorks a Web Design Company

NetizenWorks is primarily a web design company based in Quezon City, Philippines founded by a team of experienced web designers, graphic designers, and marketers back in June 2020 to satisfy the increasing demand for the online presence of businesses caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We also perform Search Engine Optimization for our clients and graphics design for logos and other forms.

As of June 2021, we have developed 100+ projects from satisfied clients all around the world and we are proudly receiving rave reviews. We’re one of the most affordable legitimate web design service providers in the industry. The collective experience and knowledge of our key people date back to the mid-2000s when the internet we know now was just in its infancy.

We believe that websites should help bring you more customers and not just sit there and look pretty. That is our goal for you!

Awards & Recognitions

A Website we designed for Treston International College won an award and was featured as the 2nd best design in this article
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Credibility - WHO we help

We've worked with small to enterprise business and have experience with various industries but our main focus fields are:

  • Corporate and Industrial Sector
  • Professional Services Providers - Real Estate, Architecture, Engineering, Law, and IT firms.
  • Health Service Providers - Doctors, Clinics, Dentists, Therapists.
  • Lifestyle and guidance providers - Life coaches, beauty practitioners, yoga teachers, YouTubers, spiritual teachers.
  • E-commerce - online sellers with less than 2000 products for sale.
  • Local Businesses

For our local projects, we’re currently working with companies like

We also handle several websites from different real estate companies like:

The high-performing websites can be seen here: Portfolio


NetizenWorks is a government-registered company formed by a group of freelancers to reproduce the successes of our clients and apply them to help entrepreneurs like you. Our official business name is: "NetizenWorks Web Design Services".


The high-quality website designs we provide are at a low price range, compared to what you'll see out there. Before the 2020 lockdowns caused by the pandemic, the website design & development market was only for businesses that could afford them. A basic website can cost upwards of $723 (Php. 40,000). Other web design companies with prestigious brands can cost upwards of $1,800 (Php. 100,000)

With NetizenWorks, building a website with the solutions discussed should only start around $356 or Php. 19,160 with the starter web design package. It has basic features and a few pages, but enough to get your name out online.

How and Why?

We have special tools (drag-and-drop website builders, automation, AI-assistance) and a unique workflow that significantly reduces operating costs. What we have is a subscription model where clients have to pay a monthly cost to maintain the website and keep it competitive. This ensures a long-term relationship that we have to maintain with the client and not just leave websites as it is after development.



We offer diverse projects besides our core service: website design. NetizenWorks also offers graphic design, corporate branding, digital marketing, and SEO or Search Engine Optimization. We have a pool of talented designers and marketers that will surely apply the best strategies for marketing that will surely get your business to excel in this competitive era of information technology. Client satisfaction is the most valued element of our business.

Our Web Development Process

The goals of your business are what's important and that's what we need to gather, along with what your business is all about. For ease, this is done with a simple but intuitive setup questionnaire form which will then be studied. Afterward, we will start a discovery conversation before moving on to the next stage.

In this stage, we devise a plan on how to best arrange the content you'll submit to the website. We will also determine the most effective SEO approach at this step.

At this stage, we will fully utilize our creativity with our years of experience in web design. We expect to have your website express the vision and style of your business, as you imagine it. Your content will then be arranged and organized in the best and attractive way.

This is the stage where the behind-the-scenes action takes place. Your website is made sure that it is secure, accessible, and runs smoothly all the time. Here is where all the necessary and specialized functions and features you requested are equipped to the website.

Before we get the website live and available to the world, you get to see it first for review. Once approved, and no detail, both creative and technical, is left behind, the next step is taken to get the website ready and published.

It's our responsibility that the website lasts as long as it is hosted with us. To do so, we will continuously conduct maintenance in the background ensuring its stability as it continues to serve its purpose for your business.

If you need assistance in regard to certain changes or additions, we will always be available to handle it.

Why work with NetizenWorks?


We obsess over our customer experience. Check out our reviews to see what our clients have to say. Please also see our portfolio and be amazed by our web design and its performance!

Value for your Money

A surprisingly low-cost option that works and with great results


We always use the best & latest technology and are constantly on top of trends in design and marketing.


We design with Perfection in mind. Your websites are delivered with speed and high-end design as it serves your business 100%

Quick Development

Our fastest turnover time on a RUSHED project is 3.4 days for a website that has at least 7 pages. Average timeline is 2-3 weeks.


We are a team of web designers with 20 years of combined experience.

Let's build your website today!