Upgrades & Other Services

Discover our available website add-ons and upgrades. We also offer other services like logo design, company identity & branding, troubleshooting, and more!

  • Social Media

  • Email

  • eCommerce/Online Shop

  • PayPal/Stripe Buttons

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Troubleshooting

  • Speed-up your Website

  • Hosting Only

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Social Media

Social Media Feed (FB, Twitter, Instagram)

Add your Facebook posts, tweets, or Instagram posts to your website increasing engagements to your social media!

$34/yr. USD
or ₱1,700/yr. PHP

Facebook/Google Reviews

Display your Facebook or Google reviews anywhere within your website to gain your clients' trust!

$32/yr. USD
or ₱1,550/yr. PHP


Custom Domain Email

Both options below include a customized email domain your own domain: e.g. [email protected].
Instead of yourname&[email protected]

Google-Powered Email

Avail Google's powerful spam protection and blazingly fast servers for your email.

$4.2/user/mo. USD
or ₱210/user/mo. PHP

NetizenWorks-powered Email

If you don't need the extra features or the overpowered email of Google, get an email with us that's just right for you!

$1.6/user/mo. USD
or ₱80/user/mo. PHP


eCommerce / Online Shop

Sell Physical or digital goods (e.g. ebooks, Videos etc.) from your website with WooCommerce! You can add unlimited products but we will add up to 100 items for you!

Starts at: $127 USD
or ₱6,240 PHP

Simple PayPal or Stripe buttons

Easily integrate PayPal Buy Now buttons into your website without having to add an eCommerce system

$18/yr USD
or ₱900/yr PHP

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Regular ongoing SEO, propelling your website to the first page of Google!


A mix of our SEO services & expertise, including On-site SEO Optimization In-Content links, and monthly Ranking Report

$132/mo. USD
or ₱6,500/mo. PHP


Full Citation Audit, On-site SEO Optimization, 10 Local Directory Citations, 20 Photo, Video, or Social Citations, No Duplicates, 2 Quality Blog Posts Per Month, Monthly Ranking Report

$230/mo. USD
or ₱11,450/mo. PHP

Super SEO

Coming Soon, 2021

All of our WebDesign Packages are SEO-Ready

SEO Submission - When ready your website will be set up with Google Search Console & Webmaster Tools and with other search engines. After submission, your website will start ranking in Google in approximately a week.
Google Analytics - this will be integrated with your website so you can easily see how many visitors you have. This helps us learn how to increase web traffic.
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Other Services


Does your website have an error you or your IT guy couldn't fix? Let NetizenWorks diagnose the problem for free! We'll send a quotation and how link it would take to fix. If it can't be resolved we can also offer better options.

$19/hr USD
or ₱900/hr PHP

Speed-up your Website

Studies suggest that visitors immediately leave websites that don't load in 3-5 seconds or lower. This is unacceptable and damages your business! NetizenWorks will employ techniques to speed up your WordPress website.

$79 USD
or ₱3,900 PHP

Add a Feature/Function

Is your website not powerful enough? Do you need more features? Maybe an add-to-cart function or a page exclusive for those who know the password. Contact us to learn more!

Hosting Only


2GB SSD Storage, 100GB Bandwidth, Shared 4 vCPUs and 8GB RAM

$9.5/mo. USD
or ₱450/mo. PHP


5GB SSD Storage, 220GB Bandwidth, Shared 4 vCPUs and 8GB RAM

$14/mo. USD
or ₱650/mo. PHP


10GB SSD Storage, 400GB Bandwidth, Shared 4 vCPUs and 8GB RAM

$20/mo. USD
or ₱980/mo. PHP


Do you need any of these upgrades or services?

Contact NetizenWorks for your online needs!