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Discover our available website add-ons and upgrades. We also offer other services like logo design, company identity & branding, troubleshooting, and more!

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Custom Domain Email

Both options below include a customized email domain your own domain: e.g. [email protected].
Instead of yourname&[email protected]

Google-Powered Email

Avail Google's powerful spam protection and blazingly fast servers for your email.

$4.2/user/mo. USD
or ₱210/user/mo. PHP

NetizenWorks-powered Email

If you don't need the extra features or the overpowered email of Google, get an email with us that's just right for you!

$2.2/user/mo. USD
or ₱97/user/mo. PHP


Other Services


Does your website have an error you or your IT guy couldn't fix? Let NetizenWorks diagnose the problem for free! We'll send a quotation and how long it would take to fix. If it can't be resolved we can also offer better options.

$41/hr USD
or ₱1,900/hr PHP

Speed-up your Website

Studies suggest that visitors immediately leave websites that don't load in 3-5 seconds or lower. This is unacceptable and damages your business! NetizenWorks will employ techniques to speed up your WordPress website.

$97 USD
or ₱4,600 PHP

Add a Feature/Function

Is your website not powerful enough? Do you need more features? Maybe an add-to-cart function or a page exclusive for those who know the password. Contact us to learn more!

Other Creative Services


Captivating text that will surely get your customers engaged with your website!

Starts at: $55 USD for 300 words
or ₱2,550 PHP

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