How SEO can help your Real Estate Business

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Selling real estate is not as easy as it was before the 2020 Pandemic started.

Competition has become fierce and you have no other option but to become aggressive as well.

The traditional way that a real estate salesperson is able to get prospective buyers is by manning those little stalls at the mall. Have you been there lately? It feels like a ghost town. It's virtually impossible to sell there, not just because there are too few people, but no one would even want to touch the brochures you offer.

Gladly there's online selling, but don't be complacent because the market there is already competitive even before the pandemic. Since this method is the only way most salespeople could get a lead, you'd want to get ahead and be the top choice, whether you're an in-house agent competing against your co-workers, or a marketing director of a company competing against other developers.


So what should we do?

When people need something, like a service or to look for a property, everyone who has access to the internet goes to Search Engines, most popularly: Google. The search term people type in the field before they hit enter, is called the "keyword". An example is: "condo for sale in Makati". When a keyword is searched, it displays a list of the most relevant results. Your goal should be to get to the top page or, even better, the top result!

Your ranking position on search engines determines the probability of your business being found online. If you are on the first page of a popular "keyword", no doubt your website will receive traffic. So, what can we do to help your business's visibility increase with Google page?


NetizenWorks specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that improves the organic search engine rankings of your real estate website. Higher visibility means more visitors to convert into potential clients. However, SEO is a long-term process and needs a diverse set of sub-strategies to succeed.

Let's keep this post short and simple and easily explain how SEO will help.

  1. A Fast website - Google takes speed seriously, their automated system is not going to give your website a high ranking if your website is slow. Studies suggest that visitors would leave your website if it loads less than 3-5 seconds.
  2. Ease of Navigation - when a visitor comes in, they should be able to get to the content they need in a flash. If a website is difficult to get around, people would just leave and go for the next search result: your competitor.
  3. Great Content - the look of your website should be professional and trustworthy. Your website's content: the text and photos used, should be engaging, original, and reliable. For a real estate website, this should include details like cost computations, floorplans, and beautiful pictures of the properties you sell.
  4. Backlinks - this is a major part of SEO. Backlinks are incoming links that refer to your website. The more of these you have from legitimate websites. The more it raises your website's profile, thus the more Google would recognize you. This time both quality and quantity of backlinks should be observed.

These are a few of the many SEO strategies that will help get you more visible. You can learn more here:


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