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Slow connection as a snail
Slow connection as a snail

The main goal of a website is to entice customers to buy a certain brand's products or services. It serves as your online store if you sell products, or as an online consultation if you provide services. A slow website is not going to help you achieve this goal for 2 main reasons.

Your visitor's patience

Based on Google's studies and algorithms, around 80%+ of your website visitors would have the patience time of 3-short-seconds before they hit back and leave if your website doesn't load by then. Your website must be extremely fast, lightning fast. The maximum acceptable time is 5-6 seconds for visitors on low-income countries with internet connections that aren't as fast as those in developed countries, people here tend to be more patient. Even if your visitor manages to stay, a poor experience would result in lower engagement. It lowers the possibility of them availing your product or service.

Google ranking

Search engines, most importantly Google, is obsessed with providing good results to their visitors. If your website not only provides the content, product, or service they need but also is blazingly fast and optimized for Google, your site will rank higher on search results. A higher ranking on the front page means more exposure for your business, and that means more visitors to your site and then more customers. What's worse than not ranking is Google might blacklist your site for poor user experience.

It's a simple formula, a slow website equals few or no customers.

What causes a slow website?

There are many combinations of technical issues that could distribute to slow website performance. It could be a poorly-optimized website (not built well), and a cheap server/host, and several others.

The Solution

The example below shows that WeAreOrtigas.com's performance has significantly improved when they upgraded their site with NetizenWorks. *Please take note that GTmetrix's user interface has changed showing different performance metrics and scores and site speed measurement tools from PageSpeed to Lighthouse, one thing's for sure, we improved the score from a D to an A.

NetizenWorks is an expert at making websites load quickly. We have a set of tech that optimizes your site to load fast, all around the world.

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