Why You WON’T Succeed Without a Website in 2023


Websites help you...

  • Look Professional, Credible, and Legitimate
  • Display all your work or company info in one place

If all you have is an email with a company profile in a PDF format and a Facebook link, it's a no-brainer that your business won't be as successful as those who do in today's world where people mostly rely on Google to search for their needs.

Our World Changed

The Covid-19 Pandemic has accelerated this change from the traditional physical storefront and offices to the online marketplace. Now, more than ever there's a massive spike in online activities. Businesses and customers alike are moving on to the online space that's where most people spend their time nowadays, including looking for places to eat, finding things for sale, etc. Your job as an entrepreneur is to keep your business profitable and running, and being everywhere online is the new lifeblood of income.

Read a Case Study for Grid Asia, Inc. as two why they needed to have a legit website as required by their client: BDO Unibank.

Here are some statistics

  • 30% of consumers WON'T TRUST a professional or a business without a website.
  • 97% of consumers GO ONLINE to find local businesses and hire for open job positions.
  • 75% of people JUDGE THE CREDIBILITY of a business based on their website or a local professional
  • 79% of people who read online reviews about a service or product, BELIEVE THEM
  • in 2018 people spend 50 Million fewer hours on Facebook pages than the previous year
  • 83% of searches for dining locations, directions, & hours of operations are done on a Smartphone or Tablet
  • You are losing 75% of potential hiring opportunity or SALES by not having a website
  • ONLY 56% of small businesses have a company website

The EXTREMELY affordable solution

NetizenWorks loves helping businesses establish a professional online profile. We follow appropriate trends and principles in the web design industry to help your website remain strikingly noticeable compared to your competitors.

If you create a website for yourself or your business today, that means you're already BEATING 44% of your competition.

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